San Francisco Downtown Toastmasters


We are a San Francisco-based Toastmasters club focused on helping our members reach their public speaking, communication and leadership goals

Guests and new members are always welcome!

Trusted since 1936


“Once we accept our limits,

we go beyond them.”

― Albert Einstein

When & Where

Every Monday of each month

6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

On Zoom

Virtual meetings for the foreseeable future

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How does Toastmasters work?

We are a club within Toastmasters International and follow a proven meeting structure to improve our skills.

In a typical meeting, we have 3 main sections:

  • Prepared Speeches

  • Table Topics (impromptu speaking for members and guests)

  • Evaluations of prepared speeches

Typical roles in each meeting:

  • Toastmaster: leads the meeting, introduces meeting theme, guests, and Prepared Speakers

  • Prepared Speaker: every speaker is a role model and club members learn from their speeches

  • Table Topics Master: helps meeting attendees develop their impromptu speaking skills

  • General Evaluator: evaluates the entire meeting and introduces each of the Evaluators

  • Evaluator: provides verbal and written feedback to meeting speakers

  • Timer: times speeches and table topics impromptu speaking

  • Ah Counter: notes any overused words and filler words

  • Grammarian: helps club members improve their grammar and vocabulary

Distinguished Members

Daniel Beck

A club member for over ten years
2nd place winner in the Toastmasters District 4 Evaluation Contest

Our club hero and model


Tim Carlisle

A club member as well as the district director

Supports our club in every aspect, inspires us in every speaking

Our always trustworthy leader


Kat Gordiienko

The former club president who helped us win the Distinguished Club Award

She always shares her insightful life philosophy in the toastmaster meetings